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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 23, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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i'm beth troutman. let's take a look at some great videos, "right this minute." >> when are people going to learn. those fight videos posted on the web end up in the hands of police. see who's about to get busted big-time. >> this is much more than just a school fight. this is absolute criminal activity. >> a viral video to make you say -- >> what knucklehead did this? >> hear the story of the sad turtle stunt with a happy ending. it's a hot air balloon ride in russia. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> nothing. >> lots of things. >> things like what this rope is
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tied to. >> oh, no. and he may have autism, but autism doesn't have this. >> a very inspirational guy. >> see how anthony and his business partner are taking a town by storm. >> has he become a bit of a local celebrity? >> i don't want paparazzi in the bushes or anything, but he is on his way, yeah. guys, we see it all the time. for some reason people love to upload their fight videos to youtube. what happens more often than not, the videos end up in the hands of police. we have two instances of that. the first one is from atlanta. you won't believe what this is about. this is alleged school-aged gang members attacking the mother of a 14-year-old student. the mother was worried about him walking home from school. >> my son is trying to avoid them. >> the gang members followed the family home and then attacked
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them. atlanta pd, of course, investigating and taking this very, very seriously. >> it's much more than just a school fight. this is absolute criminal activity, and we're looking to charge and prosecute everyone involved to the fullest extent of the law. >> from this video atlanta pd has already been able to issue six warrants, all for juveniles ages 14 to 16. of course the mom is not letting her son go back to that school. >> they hit a woman. they hit a woman, a mom who was there to protect her son. so they said we are just going to beat up the whole family. >> to our second video, this one from hartford, connecticut. as you see, a fight between two women in the street. apparently this whole thing was about a lose pit bull. but what you're about to see is just unbelievable. you see that little school-age kid in blue. watch what he does. >> oh! >> he goes up and tries to kick this one woman. >> it looks like she was holding
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that woman's head and looks at him to kind of say hey, get your shots in. >> it's just sickening to watch a kid that age attempt to kick another person in the head. but again, this video posted on youtube, now hartford police investigating. they already have two warrants pending and the young boy will receive a juvenile summons for his involvement in this. i've got two terrifying crash videos. i have to warn you they're both pretty graphic, both coming out of china and eerily similar. busy intersection, stopped in one direction. the red truck -- >> oh, my god. >> the red truck seems to blow the light or come through the stop sign. it jams on its brakes, makes a hard left and that causes it to tip over, trapping four people underneath the truck and the load that it had in the back. the few little reports that i
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was able to translate is people were injured. that's all i know. >> that one person at the front of that vehicle was halfway underneath. it would be amazing if that person survived. >> the truck somehow misses the pedestrians in the crosswalk but takes out four people. now, i found the second video, i thought i was seeing an update but this is a very similar crash but a completely different location. this red truck was carrying boiling tar. the driver told police that a scooter pulled out in front of him, he jammed on the brakes and swerved, covering the scooter rider in the tar. >> oh, gosh. >> wow. >> that is -- >> witnesses said they heard screams and then silence. >> in this image of him as they're digging him out, it's hard to see what his body looks like. >> i was just shocked by the images of both, but surprised
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that such a similar accident happened within days in the same country. it's just strange. check out this newly released video of a motorcycle chase that happened in florida back in december. we see state trooper kristi menzie following motorcyclists traveling at speeds up to 135 miles an hour. >> i don't see any motorcycles, though. oh, there they are. >> she's trying to pull them over but they are not obeying so she pulls right in front of them and slams on the brakes to try to get them to slow down. a maneuver called the rolling roadblock. >> but they just went right around her when she tried that. >> they went right around her. she is eventually able to pull two of the motorcyclists out. later they apprehended a third motorcyclist and a fourth ended up getting away.
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the reason i'm show you is the officer got coaching and counseling because she violated two different policies during this chase, which included not notifying their communications center that she was part of a ase, but also doing the rolling roadblock twice in this chase without having permission from a supervisor to do it. >> they're not going to charge them with anything because of her mistakes in this case? >> no, they were charged. all the drivers that were apprehended did have some charges, but after reviewing the video, some of the charges were dropped for two of the drivers and the third driver had all of the charges dropped. when you see this video, you're going to say what knucklehead did this. >> oh. >> do you see what happened? somebody strapped this box turtle to some red and green balloons and set it aloft and
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the box turtle got caught in a tree. residents in the area were appalled to say the least. >> there's no reason to send him off. >> it's like someone did it on purpose. maybe it was a gift that went janelle wright said -- >> they tried to get the fire department out here but it took about an hour for everybody to show up. >> but once they got there, the balloon got lifted by the wind and he gently came to earth. >> i want to know where he set off from. did he come from a block away or did he come from mexico? how long has he been flying? this turtle could really have covered some distance. >> how long were you planning on leaving me in this tree until i magically fell out? where i'm from, that ain't cool. >> the turtle is with the humane society and they're hoping to get him a good forever home.
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>> he's going to be running away from the balloons. >> yeah, no balloons in the house. we don't want to give this guy any flashbacks. >> you just going to leave me in this tree? these guys are out to sea and about to reel in a shark. but there's something they might want to keep in mind. >> it's not always the teeth that you've got to worry about. >> that's right. fishermen beware, because there's something else you may have to face. >> oh! take that, fool. >> and dj fluva is back. he's got a trash bag in ten minutes, so what should he do? how about wear the bag as a dress and hit the town.
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it's best of rtm time. gaim gayle is going to tell us about one of the many bonus videos we
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have on our website. >> you have to watch meat the candidates. these two teamed up and cast the candidates, barack obama obameat and mitt romney in jerky. it's crazy stuff. i've got a music video. everyone loves a collaboration. well, a bunch of country music stars got together to make a video about the country music song of the summer, "pontoon." this video has carrie underwood, lady antebellum, darius rucker. the list goes on and on. it's a star-studded country cast. >> i'm just glad it's not a country version of "call me maybe." >> to see both of these videos head over to and click on best of rtm. you're firing up your hot air balloon. what could possibly go wrong?
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>> nothing. >> lots of things. guy fires it up, couple of blasts of hot air into the balloon. up he goes. what's that rope tied to? >> oh, no. >> a person? >> a truck? >> yep. >> there's the van that the balloon arrived in being dragged along like a boat anchor. >> really? of all the things that could have gone wrong with that thing, it was that. >> i don't think it's a giant problem, right? >> oh, no! >> right on top of a couple of parked cars in the lot. >> did it go on a car or in between? it looks like it parked itself. >> i think it found its own parking spot. >> people start to scatter. a few of the balloon handlers run to help the guy out. but would it surprise you if i told you this was in -- >> russia! >> there you have it.
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i know it's been a while, but our old friend dj flula is back. >> about time. >> this is another one of his things where he tells people, hey, i've got ten minutes, what should i do with ten minutes. >> i have ten minutes with a trash bag. wear a dress and go to starbucks. >> we get to see his dress-making abilities. he got his camera. it may look like a bra but he's got a camera hooked up. he puts a hole in the plastic bag and covers that hole with sunglasses to conceal he's got a camera under this very elegant-looking piece of clothing. >> a little short too. he's showing a little leg. >> this trash bag dress is a little trashy. >> here we go. >> he's going into starbucks. >> he went to a crowded starbucks. >> yeah. just gets in line. the starbucks workers just serve him as if he's any other
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customer not dressed in a garbage bag. >> this is probably par for the course. they see this stuff every day. >> don't look at my ti please. >> he dropped his change. as we all know, when you drop something in a dress, you've got to be careful. >> he bent at the waist, he didn't bend at the knees. >> you see one person at the end say what the f is he wearing? >> he sends a thank you to the baristas. tomorrow on "right this minute" this guy with his feet up, that's harrison. i've got to say harrison's talent pretty impressive. >> wow, and he does it really quickly too. >> it's not even a second that goes by. see what harrison does so quickly right now on "right this minute." >> this is anthony. meet him and hear all about his new business. >> so michael, where did the idea for anthony at your service come from? and still to come, it's the
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latest craze to hit the web, dog shaming. i stole a little girl's ice cream at the park. >> i love it. >> shaming these dogs. possibly the cutest and funniest of the internet fads. see what it's all b ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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i'm going to tell you about a very inspirational guy. his name is anthony, and he's overcoming a big challenge to start his very own delivery business, and his video is set to the song "mr. big stuff" by gene knight. >> anthony is 24 years old and has autism. anthony loves working out, playing with calculators, playing math blaster, music, will go anywhere and deliver anything we can carry. well, that anthony can carry. he'll be doing all the heavy lifting. >> anthony at your service. and to tell us all about this, we have his care giver, michael hamm, and anthony right this minute via skype. so where did the idea come from? >> it came from anthony's mom. we tried to think of things that he would be good at doing and that he would like doing and we thought a delivery service would be great. >> how is the delivery service going so far? >> it's going good.
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he's out of here. lots and lots of e-mails coming in. we're already pretty much doing as much as we can do, so it's been, i guess, very, very successful. >> how enriching is the time that you get to spend with him and him doing things together? instead of just giving him care? >> the guy just brightens up my day. i like hanging out with anthony. >> so what kind of stuff does anthony deliver? >> all sorts of stuff. envelopes with checks, we're delivering flowers tomorrow. a lady in ohio e-mailed me and asked if he could order pizzas from a pizza shop and have us deliver them to firefighters. >> how much is anthony's service going to set me back? >> well, $10 per delivery. >> oh, that's not bad at all. has he become a bit of a local celebrity? >> he's on his way, yeah. i don't want paparazzi in the bushes or anything, but i'd like him to be able to walk down the
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street with me and we could walk through an area and for people to stop and say hi, anthony. >> could he say hi to us? >> hi, anthony. he's had enough. >> he's very bored with us. getting stuck in the middle of a stampede doesn't sound like a good thing unless it's a stampede of dolphins. this guy is out on his wave runner and he finds himself in the middle of a huge pod. >> what? >> isn't that cool? >> this is awesome. >> they probably think the wave runner is just one of them, just a big dolphin. >> and they're probably cracking up. who's the slow poke over there, we left him behind. >> they're swimming at 13 miles an hour. >> this guy is having a paball cruising along with the dolphins. >> he's pretty stoked. >> you've got to get your face on camera to prove, yeah, i was there, it was me.
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>> incredible. >> i would love if anything remotely similar to this ever happened to me. >> that's not the only dolphin encounter i've g for you guys today. check this one can see this guy green shirt has something on the line. while he's reeling that thing in, watch this. >> whoa! >> oh, my gosh. >> now, that dolphin is not on the end of this guy's line. the dolphin could have been checking out what the guy had on his line, because he had a shark. the guy's buddy in the blue shirt is trying to grab the shark by the tail, but it's not always the teeth that you've got to worry about. this guy took it right smack in the kisser from the shark's tail fin. watch it again in slow motion. >> oh! >> take that, fool. a performance by a new band in town. >> they have got a stage presence. they have got rhythm. >> but there's something a
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little different about this group. >> these instruments are like made out of wood. don't forget, "right this minute" is all new, all summer long. this nightstand! this wardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom.
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whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store.
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raccoons need exercise too. this is a perfect example of that. >> is this exercise or is cooneys just trying to bite this
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guy? >> this is exercise for her. she lives at the second chances wildlife center in louisville, kentucky. when she came in, they said she had brain damage, she was not well, but they have rehabilitated her. she can't live in the wild now because of the damage done to her, but she does need her exercise. >> i bet you she's worn out after this too because she's launching herself all over the place, diving, falling down, trying to bite this guy. >> is it a little weird that cooneys looks out and adorable and fluffy? i actually want to play with her. generally i don't feel that way about raccoons. >> look at that face. dogs are man's best friend but there are times when dogs do some really jerky things. there's a new trend on the internet, dog shaming. it's a particular tumbler account.
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people are taking pictures of their dogs with little notes in front of them. i stole a little girl's ice cream at the park. >> i love it. >> shaming these dogs. i bit a vet nurse who sat on my chair. even cats are getting in on it. i drink saline solution. this one is great because he's looking at the note. i've eaten two remotes in the past two weeks. >> they really did do this stuff? >> of course. i got in the trash can again. there's the knocked over trash can. look at this, i can't stop licking the couch. right there you see a wet spot. i love to eat the crotch out of ladies jeans. nick, you have something in common with this. >> do i need a sign? >> we can get you one. the thing is, it's funny because in the pictures the dogs do look somewhat shameful and sad about their actions. except maybe this one, i sneak on the sofa when my owner is in meetings and leave hair everywhere. >> you know what, that beagle is cute so that should nullify anything it does.
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>> if you've got a disobedient dog or maybe a disobedient cat and would like to publicly shame them as well, send us your pics at i want to introduce you guys to a really cool new band right out of argentina. ♪ >> they look like rejects from this star wars bar band. >> be nice. this is actually a group of construction workers who decided they were going to become a music group and make a video performing the song, which is a cumbia song. >> are they really playing? because these instruments are made out of wood. someone carved casio in it. >> the drum set is made out of empty paint bottles.
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>> look how creative they got. the lead singer is engaging his ha a stage ians. presence. they have got rhythm. >> did you see his cumbia moon walk he's got going. >> it's funny because it's like there's a bunch of dudes. there weren't any girls around to impress or make laugh. just have some fun with some wooden instruments. that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we will see you next time for more awesome videos. -- captions by vitac --
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